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    Twitter Dump Pt.2

    Went through my twitpics and found a bunch of drawings that never made it anywhere else, so I’m dumping a compilation of some of the interesting ones. Continuation from Part 1 here.

    1. Collaboration Greninja Paper Child with TairuPANdA. I did the sketch and he did the lineart and colors. Done to pass time while sitting at AOD’14

    2. Drawing in my sketchbook of Tavi in a beanie. Done with Col-Erase pencils.

    3. Sketch of my Battlemage Cockatiel, Rockatiel. Done with Tom bow Markers.

    4. Drawing with a cheesy quote I drew in Konoe Suzumiya’s guestbook at Fanime’13 that she showed to her Japanese English students in Japan.

    5. Random sketches in my sketchbook. I liked some of them~

    6. Mega Garchomp Gijinka I drew cuz I couldn’t not see it in my head. He’s a gang or mafia leader with bad burns and two gold knives.

    7. Headshots of my Guild Wars 2 characters, top to bottom; Amber Tavi, Citrine Tavi, and Geoluhread Tavi. 

    — 5 months ago with 173 notes
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